Saturday, March 31, 2007

A-hah! Got the hang of the lace pattern

I kept trying and trying, and finally figured out that I was leaving out the last yarn-over in Row 4, which totally messed me up for the next row. So between that and finally finding the earlier post about Row 7 (thank you for the tutorial, Hot Coals Only!), I'm in the groove. And after trying different needle sizes and types, I'm using size 6 of the new Addi Lace needles. First time I've tried them, and now I don't think I'd use anything else for lace patterns. Great needles for knitting or purling two together and psso. And they aren't as slippery as regular Addi's.

So I plan to finish the swatch tonight, then wet and dry it, and start on the sweater tomorrow.


Margaret said...

Size 6 Knitpicks Options needles give me gauge, but not row gauge. I'm not sure whether that's a huge problem, since the pattern tells you to knit until the piece measures a certain length. I'm not sure how I'd get gauge both in stitches per inch and rows if one is correct and one is off.

Lenore said...

Hi Margaret,

I've got the same problem. I've read that stitch gauge is most important, and you can adjust row gauge reducing or adding the number of rows.

good luck!

Margaret said...

You made me feel better, lenore. No matter how great my swatch looks, I still worry about the dang thing fitting right!