Saturday, March 10, 2007


Just got some bad news from Webs, my yarn order is going to be delayed. sigh. I purposely only ordered stuff that the site said was in stock, so it could be shipped posthaste. And, because I'm an international order (Canadian!) they're holding on to everything for three weeks until my other yarn arrives. Their website lies. But it's cheap, and I guess this ensures I'll finish up my other projects. :)

Speaking of being Canadian, I was thinking about exchange rates and calling this sweater something wacky. But then I realised: I (and other Canadians in this KAL) are the ones making the $1.50 Cardi, as Joni Mitchell is Canadian, and so presumably is the currency she was singing about. So you Americans out there are currently making a $1.28 Cardi, Australians a $1.64 Cardi, the British are making a 66p Cardi... I'll stop now. :)

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honeybee33 said...

- screaming with laughter in Beantown, where, if you go by real estate values, it's more like a $5.28 cardigan - ...

~ hb33 ~