Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Losing Steam

So, when my yarn came in, I sat down and knit up the back of the cardigan super quickly.

Dollar and a Half Back

I'm knitting this in Rowan Calmer (color- Cork) on US 8 needles. I modified the pattern a teensy bit; I'm knitting the largest size because I'm between the two biggest, and I want a loose fitting cardigan. However, this size calls for knitting 19.75" before starting the armhole shaping, which would result in a cardigan reaching five inches below the bottom of my butt. How unflattering! So I started the shaping after 15", and I think I'll be much happier with this length.

I'm working on the sleeves now, so that I can save the fun of the fronts for later, but they're slow going. If I'm lucky, I'll get them done this week.

Woolly Interlude


al said...

that's so smart to do the sleeves before the fronts. i would, but i already did the non-cabled front and am halfway through the back for the second time, so i need to do the cabled front to break up the monotony a little!

great color!

Mary said...

Megan, I'm very shortwaisted, so I'm shortening mine too. My favorite sweater is 17" from the bottom of the armhole, so I'm making mine close to that. Yours looks really beautiful, great color.

Bobbi said...

wow it looks great! did you measure by stretching it out or just laying it flat?

Bex said...

Argh - i knitted 17 inches instead of 19 (i'm doing the 47 bust as well). Even 17 is long...

stacyo said...

oh man. now i have to measure mine. I was afraid it was going to be too long, but i "trusted the pattern." hmph!

thanks for the heads up.