Monday, March 19, 2007

Finally something to post!

Hi all! I've been lurking here for a bit - love the way all the cardis are coming out! I took mine on vacation with me, and I've nearly finished the back. I'm using Cotton Fleece in New Age Teal, and I just love the yarn for this sweater.

The only problem that I've had so far was with the decreases. I've read the designer's tutorial on them about 50 times, and I just don't get it. It says to decrease 2 stitches in the pattern(one on each side), but then the instructions in the magazine say to take out one 3 stitch pattern repeat? For which side? And why, when it says 2 stitches? Fortunately, 2 of my decreases fell on stockinette rows, and then I fudged the last one (I decreased 2 stitches in pattern, and it seemed to work.)

I haven't seen anyone else having these issues, so I don't know if I'm just crazy, but I'm getting worried about the next decreases already! Am I over thinking this?


needledum said...

I was lucky and my decreases for my back weren't on the lace part either. I have started one of my front pieces now and am wondering how I will tackle it if (when) the decrease are on the lace.

Sorry, at this point I can't give you much help other than to let you know you're not alone.

Bex said...

She means change a 3 pattern repeat to just 3 knit (or purl) stitches...

i.e. WS row - Knit 1 (selvedge stitch), k2tog, slip 1, k2 psso, repeat.

RS - P1 (selv), p2tog, p2, yo, repeat.

My decreases in the lace wernt exactly perfect, but i didnt mess up the lace pattern itself which is the main thing. At one point i think i had 4-5 stitches in stockingette, but as its going to be in the seam (and my yarn is alpaca) i'm not worried about it... good luck!

(If you need better instructions, i.e. row by row, send me a message at my blog and i'll type them up)

Bex said...

oops - add a knit one and a purl one after each decrease! sorry!

Artlady said...

Hi Stitchy! I don't know if my comment is too late to help you, but here goes: the instructions say to take out one 3 st pattern repeat because...even though you are only "eating up" 1 stitch at a can't do anything with the remaining 2. All you do is knit your edge stitch...dec 1...and plain knit the other a marker, and be on your way with the lace patterning.
You will "eat up" the two "lame" stitches with subsequent decreases later on up the garment. When all 3 of those stitches are "eaten up" with decreases, then it is time to make another 3 "lame"...decreasing them one at a time when called for.
Get it? Sometimes what I did was...lame up the three stitches on the wrong side that preceeds the decrease row...and then they were waiting for me when I needed them. You really must use stitch markers to designate the "lame area" at each area. Remember, the edge stitch stays the same no matter what. This allows for the seaming later. Hope this helps!
I have a knitting website wherein I devoted a whole page to the Buck-Fifty cardigan, photos and all. Feel free to email me personally if you need any further help. I am done with all 5 main pieces, and will start the buttonhole bands tomorrow.

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