Saturday, March 3, 2007


Um Deb here,

The lace pattern is driving me bonkers! I started my sleeve...I mean, swatch, and I was cruising along, until it came to the last row of the lace pattern. Huh?? I am having a hard time picking that strand from the row below, and not making it all look like crap. I did my best, and ended up frogging it all back to the ribbing because it looked like crap!

Does anyone know the name to this lace pattern, so I maybe can find it in a reference book, or online? Worse case scenario, I can always sub for another lace pattern, right?

BTW...the cotton fleece seems like a good choice. It is still sproingy like wool, but it is a lightweight cotton feeling.


al said...

i don't know where to tell you to look, but maybe tomorrow when i have better light for photographing i can post a little tutorial on Row 7. it's easy once you get it figured out, and should look pretty great!

Mary said...

Umm, I'm no help. I had to reknit my swatch a couple of times. I missed that the lace pattern was a multiple of 3+1 and I was trying to knit it on 21 stitches (plus 8 for borders). I tried knitting the whole pattern including row 7 once, and then realized I needed to do 1-6 and then repeat 3-6 instead.

I washed and dried my swatch and it came out too small. I wanted it to come out too big because I'm between sizes. I think I'll go up 2 needles sizes and swatch again.

I thought posting my swatch problems might keep someone else from making the same mistakes. . .

deb said...

That would be great. A visual reference would be awesome.