Saturday, March 31, 2007

Swatch/Lace Pattern Challenges


This will be my first sweater and, like Margaret, I've got questions about the swatch and lace pattern. I'm using the Reynolds yarn the pattern calls for. I'm doing the swatch in the lace pattern, and keep increasing the needle size to get the right gauge. I'm up to a 7 from the recommended 5! Is this unusual? I have to admit that up to now, I've only knitted scarves and hats, so never did a swatch first. So maybe I'm a tight knitter and didn't even know it.

The good thing about doing the swatch over and over again is that I get to practice the lace pattern, which I find to be very challenging. Trying to go from increase to decrease in each row, with some stitches going into the yarn overs in the previous row and others not. Whew! I can't get into a comfortable routine. And I keep either having one stitch too many or one too few in some rows. Is anyone else struggling with the lace pattern?

Thanks! And thanks for having this KAL.


Bex said...

I found my tension to be spot on, but i'm a loose knitter. So i figure if you're a tight knitter you may have to go up a needle size....

Lenore said...

Thanks, bex! I finished last night a swatch using a size 6 needle, then washed it and let it dry overnight. I'll measure this morning once the coffee kicks in.