Friday, May 4, 2007

Pattern-matching on sleeves?

Hey all,
I just finished my first sleeve (I started a sleeve as a "swatch") and I am really enjoying the pattern. I'm using Classic Silk by Classic Elite (50% cotton, 30% silk, 20% nylon) in a sort of brown-paper-bag colour. My gauge is not-quite-right, but my sleeve blocked well (no more Michelin man!) and to a size between the smallest and the next one up, which is the perfect size for me. :)
Last night I cast on the back, because I needed some mindlessness, and 2" of ribbing on almost 100 stitches is definitely mindless.

I've just been wondering if the stripes end up matching up at the shoulders? I mean, the sleeve cap is stripey, so is the body, do said stripes match up? I think they should.... I shortened the sleeves (only 2" of ribbing) but because I only took that out of the ribbing, not by eliminating any stripes, it should be okay. I think.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well I knitted the back and one front, Then I started the cable front and wasn't happy with it - seemed too small so frogged and started again without the cable. Still not happy with it so threw it into my pile of UFO's. I've now decided that I should really restart and do the next size up as it's all just a bit small. I'm now feeling much happier since I made the decision even though it means a lot more work. I like the pattern and know it well now so hopefully it shouldn't take too long.

I'm really enjoying seeing all your photos and am very impressed with the finished cardigans I've seen.