Saturday, March 31, 2007

The swatch

Time to dive in~~~I finally got the KP Options needles that I want to use, and the Soft Linen is ready to go. Now for the swatch. How did you all do your swatching? I've never swatched in anything but stockinette, so doing the lace is a bit daunting. Do you cast on and immediately start the lace or what? It is so tempting to make a sleeve as my swatch, but rarely do I get the correct spi on my first swatch!


Mary said...

Margaret, I made two and washed and dried them. Make sure you read the instructions in the section on knitting the back to get the order of the lace pattern correct. Rows 1-6, then 3-6 (repeat these for length), 3 again and then 7. Even with the swatches my gauge was off, because of the weight and drape of the whole piece. Go figure.

Margaret said...

I've already typed out those row orders, since I know I would get befuddled if I didn't. I always make way too many notes on a project. I admit I don't always wash and dry my swatches, but I definitely will this time. I've never used linen, and have no idea what it will do.

al said...

i did about 6-7 rows of ribbing, a lace section (as mary described), then about 4 rows of rev. st. st, and that gave me all the info i needed, pretty much