Monday, March 12, 2007

Another newbie

I haven't been able to start mine yet, but I have been given the word that my yarn order is in at the store and they will be shipping today (I should receive it by next Monday). WOOHOO!!! I was actually able to get my hands on the coveted Reynolds Soft Linen. I saw it on the Knitting Sunshine blog that Black Sheep Knitting had plenty, so I emailed them right away and though they didn't have the brown in stock (they have the rest of the colors though and they were thoughtful enough to send a picture of the color card) they ordered the amount I needed last week and it hit their store today!

Yes, I'm going to do the pattern in the exact color and type of yarn that is called for. I usually don't, but I wanted to try this yarn and the color is perfect.

So, I will posting more once I get the yarn.

I'm going to try the "knitting backwards" for the reverse stockinette portions, since I am no great fan of purling. :)

It's been fun watching all of the rest of you get going on yours...and I am SO thankful that someone else already tackled the lace and can show us the "how" of it.

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