Monday, April 2, 2007


hello all!

i'm swatching to start my cardi, i can't wait to start it! i haven't taken a pic yet but will shortly. i'm using debbie bliss cathay. i think i got gauge on size 6 needles. it's so hard though, i wish the gauge wasn't in the lace pattern. oh well.

how is everyone casting on? using the tubular cast on or just a regular cast on? the instructions i have for a tubular cast on are set up for a 1x1 rib, can you do a tubular cast on for a 2x2 rib? this is my first sweater for myself and i want it to look nice. thanks!


Megan said...

In the Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, Nancie Wiseman says she doesn't think a 2x2 tubular cast on is attractive, and doesn't give directions. Having never attempted it, I don't have an opinion on it myself, just thought I'd share.

I cast on using a long-tail cast-on, but alternating for the ribbing as described in this tutorial. It looked much neater than a regular old long-tail, and was so much easier than a tubular (which I love for 1x1!).

Lenore said...

Thanks, Megan! I never heard of this type of long-tail cast on. Very useful.

al said...

I used the tubular cast-on and so far i think it looks great. Basically, it's the exact same setup as the 1x1 tubular, but when you go to p the first st, you p2 (from the needle), then pick up and k2 (from the waste yarn). it may feel a little awkward, and at the end you need to make sure you have enough sts, but it looks really finished and nice.