Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Argh the cable front is killlling me.... Its such slow going.
Just a little pic to let you all know i'm still alive.

I'm doing the cable repeat every 20 rows instead of 16, to make up for my row gauge being out. I cant wait to finish this sucker!
(Oh, and the cable front is smaller, until i kinda stretch it out to how it would be blocked and then its ok :D)


Mad for Knit said...

HI, I'm also knitting the cable front at the moment. The back and lace front knitted up really quickly and then I hit the cable front. It's not difficult just boring and I am easily distracted by other projects when bored. I also managed to do a very short section between one cable repeat by mistake so need to rip it back. This front does seem a lot narrower than the other. I have been stretching mine to see what it'll be like blocked.

Bex said...

mine seems ok when i pin it out, so fingers crossed!

i'm up to the neckline increases now TG! And yeah, i've suddenly felt the urge to cast on for socks while doing this side of the front hehe...