Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Love It, Y'all

Stats: Lion Brand CottonEase in Snow, 8 balls. Size 9 Denise needles. Mods: shortened sleeves by 4 inches, that's all. Took me six weeks to complete, after ripping out 2/3 of the back and reknitting.

There is a bit of the Michelin Man effect on the sleeves (plus they are WHITE) but it's not enough to keep me from wearing it. I probably would needle size down for the reverse stockinette sections if I made it again. Otherwise, it fits me very well. I made the 41" bust size, but it came out about 45" around, due to my gauge being off (this is what I wanted since I knew 41" was too small for me).

This is the first pattern I've ever knitted from Interweave (besides face cloths), so I feel like I've justified my sub for another year, and it's inspiring to look at besides.

I thought I would pass along a tip that my mother told me for basting in your sleeves. This is the first sweater I've knit with set-in sleeves in a long time, so I tried using a circular needle to baste the sleeve in. Here's a photo:

All you do is weave your circular through the sleeve and body loosely a few stitches away from the seam edge. Nothing to it. I used to use pins or safety pins and they were a real PITB. This is so fast and easy and my sleeve went in perfectly the first time.


Sparkly Spiral Girl said...

Hey, that looks really fantastic! Good job!

Makes me itchy to get back to mine... (and I'll definitely be trying the smaller needle trick and NOW the basting trick, thank you!!!)

Kaitie Tee said...

It looks great! I'm glad to see you used Cotton-Ease. I've been thinking about making a sweater in one of the new colors. I think this sweater would look lovely in Terracotta.

Kara said...

Looks really great! I think you got a perfect fit.

Artlady said...

Love the Dollar in white! Inspiring! I gotta do a sweater in fresh, crisp white! Thanks for sharing!