Thursday, April 5, 2007

My $1.50

I started my dollar and a half on March 8 and finished it March 30. I had to wait until Tuesday to go to Joann's for buttons. I had no idea I would finish it in time for Easter.
I used Knitpicks CotLin in Royal Plum. It blocked nicely but could probably use a little steaming too. My sleeves are long too but I think that's what was intended based on the photos in IK. I did both fronts the same. I like the asymmetrical look but I didn't know if it would stand the test of time and I didn't want to spend all this time knitting and not be able to wear it in a year;) I debated whether I wanted to do both fronts in the cable or the lace/ rev St st. As you can see I decided on the latter.
It was really fun to knit but I'm glad it's over. You can see more on my blog.

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