Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

$1.50 is knit, seamed, and almost finished. ALMOST made it for the Project Spectrum 2.0 gray deadline, even. And the body even fits--wonder of wonders.

The Bad:

Although $1.50 is knit, seamed, and almost finished, the sleeves are about 8 inches longer than they ought to be. (What is it with me and sleeves? I am cursed!) I suspected this would be the case when I was knitting them, but was trusting the recommended measurements of the pattern, which turned out to be completely untrustworthy. Should I frog them from the bottom (which I'm afraid will make them too "fat" but will keep me from having to reseam), or should I just take them out, back them up and shorten them from the top?

The Ugly:

Also, doesn't this


sortof remind you of this?


--Chef Messy


Mad for Knit said...

Hi, I love the colour. I'd take the sleeves out and rip them back. If you do it the other way you'll lose some of the shaping and like you said the arms would probably be too wide. It'll be a pain to undo the seams but worth it in the long run.

Sparkly Spiral Girl said...

I'm still wondering what would happen if it was just plain stockinette instead of reverse? I had to rip mine back, so I think I'll give it a shot and see how it looks...

stitchywitch said...

I am so glad it wasn't just me with the too long sleeves (but I'm sorry you're disappointed!) I've been wearing mine with the cuff folded back in half. Because of the way the stitch pattern goes in circles, it isn't noticeable that they are cuffed. I still might go back and rip half of the cuff from the bottom. It depends on how long your sleeves are on you. Oh, and I find that the puffiness does stay somewhat in the sleeves, but that it is not (to me anyway) very noticeable on. I love the color, and good job by the way!

Duchess said...

Oh take them out and rip them back from the top, you know it will make for a more wearable jacket in the end. Doesn't stuff like this just kill you?
It looks great though!

Margaret said...

Now that I am going back and looking at the picture on the Internet, which is the only CLEAR picture I can find, the sleeves are too long there too. I detest sleeves that are too long and am going to make a huge effort to make mine shorter than called for. I already had to rip out the sleeves of the last cardi I made, and would like to avoid it this time. Your sweater is beautiful, and you will look NOTHING like the puffy little man in the picture.

cori said...

that does it, i'm doing mine in regular stockinette. i do not want to look like the michelin man!!!

i like long sleeves, so i'm happy about that part.

gorgeous sweater!

Mary said...

Alright, I'm planning to shorten my sleeves by 4 inches. I'm only about 10 inches along on them, so it should work. Don't you think the Michelin man thing will block out? Let us see it on you. . .

Artlady said...

I, too, had to rip back my first sleeve from the top...twice. I removed all of the armhole "cap"...and then removed about 3 stripes past the armpit cast offs...then had to re-do all the math...because now the sleeve didn't have the correct amount of stitches it should have at the beginning of the armpit cast off! Der. But, it was well worth the effort. The re-knitting went fairly fast.
PS: Someone mentioned the "too longish" sleeves shown in the model sweater...That "look" is all the rage right now. If you look carefully at the Gwyneth's and the other trendsetters...all of them are wearing overly long sleeves on purpose. It is the "waif" look.

I LOVE THE GREY COLOR you used ChefMessy! It really shows off the details! It is even better than the brown color shown in the mag! Kudos to you! I like your color choice and yarn better than mine. My angora-wool blend is "blooming"...getting fluffier...and the details of the lace is kinda getting overgrown. The cable stands out nice though!