Tuesday, April 24, 2007

starting over

I frogged the back of the cardi this evening, for two reasons: I think it will be too small. Now that it had some length (I was almost to the armhole shaping), I could see that it was too small. Secondly, reading about the "michilin man" effect worried me. Umm....puffiness around me...I don't need that. I wanted to try out the "fix" of using a needle 2 sizes smaller on the rev st st portions. Let's see if it works.


Anonymous said...


Most people went up 2 sizes to prevent the puffiness. I used the same size for the lace and the rev st st and I found that all my puffiness blocked out. You might want to block a swatch before you change needle sizes.

Artlady said...

I used a US9 for the lace panels...and a US7 for the rev st st panels...and had almost no puffy puckery bulges. Whatever you do...don't use bigger needles on the rev st st! Use 2 sizes SMALLER needles on the rev st st.