Monday, April 23, 2007

Shoulder Shaping in Lace

I would very much appreciate any help anyone can give me. I’ve just bound off the stitches for the armholes, and am ready to start decreasing in the lace pattern. Are you supposed to knit the first and last four stitches on the right side in stockinette, and then do the decreases on the wrong side? Or are the decreases supposed to happen on the right side? Also, do those four stitches include the selvedge edge stitch? I feel like this should be really obvious, but I just don't get it. Thanks!


elinor said...

Have you looked at this yet? It might help (because I haven't the foggiest):

Artlady said...

The edge stitches NEVER COUNT. They always stay put.

To decrease in the lace panel:
I always decreased with the right side facing me.
Because the lace manipulation involves 3 stitches (slip one, knit two, pass the slipped stitch over the two [psso]) is what you do: when it comes time that you will need to perform the first have to "lame up" the last 3 stitches that sit just inside the edge stitch. Mark these lame stitches with a stitch marker. This will save your sanity. Perform this "laming" on the wrong side row just before you need to decrease. That way, the 3 "lame stitches" (st st) are waiting for you when you begin your right side row! When these 3 lame stitches have been "eaten up" with further decreases several rows up...and you see that you will need 3 more lame that again from the wrong side just before the row where the decrease will again take place. In other words...3 st only become "lame" AS NEEDED...but you have to lame 3 stitches at a time...because, the 2 remaining stitches are no good to you once one is gone. It is like putting 3 stitches in the bank...using them up one at a time...then making another 'deposit' of 3 when necessary! Hope this helps! FYI: My Buck Fifty cardigan is the red one. I completed it and posted a photo. The lace intricacy doesn't show as well as others because my yarn is 50/50 angora/wool blend...and the "fur" pops out...and disquises the lace a little. I like others better! I wish I had used a cotton blend instead.

Artlady said...

Oh, did you mean armhole shaping? I see it says SHOULDER shaping. For the shoulder shaping...I think what I did is: plain knit across the row before, and did the shoulder shaping with a plain knit row. Sorry.