Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hi All,

I am just about finished my second sleeve and suppose that it would be wise if I would do some blocking before I put this cardigan together.

I have never blocked anything before so I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me before I attempt this.



Artlady said...

Here's how I block almost everything: pin the pieces 'to pattern dimensions' onto a blocking board. If all 5 of your pieces are done...you might have to do the back by itself with one sleeve maybe...and when they are done...do the fronts and the other sleeve. Anyhoo...after the pieces are pinned down, I lay clean, well-rinsed wet(not soppy) terry towels on top...and leave all til bone dry. It may take several days. When the towels are bone dry, remove them...but if the knitted pieces are still damp...leave them pinned down to air dry some more. It is very important that your towels are free from any kind of detergents or softeners. Many detergents have bleach buds...and if any bleach residue remains in your towels...it could effect your knitted pieces. I keep several blocking towels on hand...and just re-wash them in plain water.

needledum said...

Thanks. I have blocked the pieces and started sewing them up. Looks like the blocking was successful so far.