Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Well I knitted the back and one front, Then I started the cable front and wasn't happy with it - seemed too small so frogged and started again without the cable. Still not happy with it so threw it into my pile of UFO's. I've now decided that I should really restart and do the next size up as it's all just a bit small. I'm now feeling much happier since I made the decision even though it means a lot more work. I like the pattern and know it well now so hopefully it shouldn't take too long.

I'm really enjoying seeing all your photos and am very impressed with the finished cardigans I've seen.



Artlady said...

I am knitting a cardigan now...a different caridgan...and I knit the back a different size than the fronts.

The only thing you have to
somehow decrease out the added stitches sometime before the shoulders bindoff. For me personally, I reduce the added stitches right before, and after the armhole bindoffs...because I need the extra "room" for my "caboose"...not my back width!

I always 'tweak' the length to suit my preference anyways...and that is easy...just knit more or less inches before starting the armhole bindoffs.

Mad for Knit said...

Thanks for your advice. I'll give it a try.