Friday, February 23, 2007

19 Cents

I have completed about 19 Cents worth of the Dollar and a Half Cardigan, and this is what it's looking like so far.

You know what I like about this pattern? It goes something like this...

Lace pattern...Wow neat! Lace pattern...Hey, this is kindof fun. Lace pattern...Meh, I'm getting sick of PSSO's and YO's. Lace pattern...Too slow, too slow, too much thinking!

Stockinette Stitch...Ah, that's better. Stockinette Stitch...Whee, look, I can knit with my eyes closed! Stockinette Stitch...Boring, boring, boring, boring. Stockinette Stitch...Maybe if I stab myself with a needle it will get more exciting.

Lace pattern...Wow neat!....

It's almost as good as that one time someone gave me a postcard with "Can you guess what is on the back of this card?" printed on both sides.

My one concern is that the stockinette sortof "bubbles" from the lace pattern. I've checked my gauge, and it seems to be holding steady for both patterns. Is anyone else knitting this? Is it doing the same thing? Is this something that will be fixed by blocking?

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knittercritter said...

I have started this pattern and, in fact, am starting a KAL at my shop. As I needed to have a sample for people to see, I did go ahead and block the back even though it isn't done. It definitely smooths out the rev st st. Hey,maybe I should join this KAL?